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At Goodrich Technology Development Corp, we are working hard to build ideas and technology with a wide scope of applications.  From our hardware, software, and sensors to or backend AI products we have our eye on the future.

Technology development for our consumer product lines evolved into a wide range of applications across multiple genres. Goodrich is committed to creating a new collaboration ecosystem, encouraging unholy alliances that set a standard of unique innovation never before seen in wearables.  

We are inspired through cooperation with others and look forward to expanding our impact through many different avenues.

Life Science

Through cutting edge Bio-sensing with real-time communication technologies, we can Provide instantaneous, multi-parameter assessment of various conditions, medications and potential medical emergency situations. 

Our vision is to improve the quality, accessibility, and affordability of healthcare by integrating technology with backend AI for the most accurate wearables in the world.

GTD Corp
Goodrich Technology Development Corporation

Goodrich Technology Development Corp. develops a family of proprietary wearable technology for application in Health, Safety, Military and Consumer sectors. 

Goodrich Apparel Group

Goodrich apparel Group is the Wholesale Distribution arm for all Clothing, Footwear, Back Packs, and HB Gear.

Goodrich International

Goodrich International is the Management company for our Retail consumer productsand Brands, Ecommerce as well as the China manufacturing arm.

High Beam Shoes
HB Footgear

Goodrich also manufactures and distributes consumer products,  including HB Footwear, High Beam Shoes, HB Gear. By Infusing Technology with Utility creates a new niche category for Retailers that will not catabolize existing brands.  

Goodrich lives at the intersection of Wearable Technology for Health, Safety, Utility and Manufacturing and Sales of our intelligent products.

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